Thursday, March 31, 2011

Panama Beaches, Pearl İslands

. Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just 50 km south off the Gulf of Panama we find Pearl Islands, a group of more than 200 islands, most of which are tiny stretches of land with no inhabitants or just small rocks or jungle bushes surrounded by sandy coasts hiding some of the best beaches in Panamá

The biggest of these islands is by far Isla del Rey, with 30.000 hectares of jungle, thermal water, waterfalls, rivers, coves and lush vegetations surrounding the village of San Miguel, which is an essential stop while visiting the islands.
A smaller (but not less beautiful) island, is La Contadora , which used to be a stop for boats sailing to Peru, Ecuador and Chile in colonial times. There, they counted the stocks before transferring at the isthmus. Nowadays, the island is famous for having some of the most charming beaches in Panama.

The best hotels are on La Contadora, where you will be able to find the usual luxury and comfort of the accommodation in the best beaches all over the world

If you are a fanatic of naturism, on La Contadora you must visit the Swedish Beach, with nearby corals and really extraordinary in natural beauty.
If you like diving, we recommend you to visit Playa Larga, where you will be able to watch turtles and sharks. And if you are fond of snorkelling, you must visit Cacique, Galeon and Canoa beaches, also in La Contadora, whose marine fauna is so spectacular that is well worth the visit.
On the other hand, if you are a fan of the series "Survivor", remember that on Pearl Islands you will meet some of the filming locations of the episodes of three seasons of the series.

You can get there by plane from Panama City, or by yacht from the canal.
These islands can be visited all the year, since the weather is always warm and stable.


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